Welcome, I’m Joanna

A Registered Dietitian, wife, mom and veteran

I’m Joanna, a registered dietitian, wife, mom and veteran.
I know the frustration and confusion that comes with trying to eat healthy. Your Nutrition Journey was created after hearing so many people express their confusion with what to eat. There is an overwhelming amount of nutrition information online that can be accessed at any given time. But this still leaves people wondering “what’s right for me”?

So How Do I Do It?

At Your Nutrition Journey, I take away the headache of trying to figure out what is right for you and weed through all of the medical jargon to give you highly individualized nutrition and wellness recommendations. This is NOT a one size fits all approach. I meet you where you are on your health journey and take your health to the next level. Together we look at your lifestyle, your needs and your goals. Then we come up with ways for you to reach your goals- even when life gets busy! At Your Nutrition Journey, you will cement healthy lifestyle changes while simultaneously breaking bad habits.

Nutrition isn’t perfect, it’s personal. Your health is my top priority. Through nutrition education and guidance, you will learn the best way to eat for your health goals. Each recommendation is highly individualized based on your specific needs. My goal is to help you feel confident about choosing healthy foods and inspired to eat them regularly. After all, this is YOUR journey and I would be honored to be a part of it!

My Approach

Your Nutrition Journey uses a holistic approach to health and healing which incorporates quality sleep, stress management and therapeutic modalities like yoga, deep breathing and essential oils in addition to food and nutrition. We work with children, teens, adults and athletes to nourish your body from the inside out at any age!

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Being at the beach and listening to the waves crash on to the shore


Drinking hot tea while working or watching my favorite show, yum!


Working out! I love to get in a good sweat any time of the day!


Bachelors of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from Florida International University
Masters of Science in Nutrition from Baylor University
Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD)

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Snack Attack

Imagine a snack as a bridge to get you from one meal to the next. Ideally, a snack should keep you satisfied for 1-2 hours. Satisfied, not full. Discover what to look for to help you get from one meal to the next without leaving you sluggish, groggy or tired.